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Karl R. Forwald

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Work experience:


  • 40 years of industrial experience with Elkem and 3 years with SINTEF

  • Research, development, and special projects for ferroalloy production and mineral processing

  • 8 years at ferroalloy production plants with responsibility for ladle treatment, casting, crushing, and screening operations

  • 20 years with responsibility for the process development and safety of atomization and granulation processing of ferroalloys


Other relevant experience:


  • Several publications latest at INFACON XVI

  • Several patents filed

  • Supervisor for BSc, MSc, and PhD students

  • Opponent for the dissertation of PhD candidates.

  • Invited conference keynote speaker and university lecturer

  • Referee for scientific journals and conferences

  • Responsible for Elkem’s contact towards MEFOS

  • Worked with universities in most parts of the world




  • BEng in metallurgical and chemical engineering

  • BBA

  • MSc in process metallurgy

  • PhD in material science

  • Various leadership training courses


Main present responsibilities:

  • Partner in Styrhuset AS

  • Consultant for several companies both domestic and abroad

  • Member of expert panel for the Norwegian Research Council

Main professional responsibilities:

  • Pilot plant engineer, project manager, researcher, technology centre manager, and scientific advisor.

  • Development of industrial scale inert gas atomization process for non-ferrous products

  • Development of industrial scale granulation process for high-risk non-ferrous products

  • General development of granulation processes for control of granulated product size distributions

  • Development of new and improvement of existing casting methods for ferroalloys

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